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Affiliate programs are an easy and effective way to generate revenue for web sites of all sizes. Not sure what an affiliate program is? It's actually pretty easy. As a webmaster, you place banners or links on your web site for the given affiliate program that you join. You then either receive a fixed percentage of sales generated from those links, get paid a certain amount on a per click basis, or get paid a certain amount on a per impression basis. It is fast and easy to find affiliate programs.

Ready to get started? Below we've outlined several affiliate networks where you can get started quickly and easily. An affiliate network is a company that manages individual company's affiliate programs.

AffiliateFuel is a wonderful affiliate network with absolutely the best customer service and technical support that we have ever come across. They offer a wide range of individual affiliate programs to join and their offers tend to convert very well. They pay mainly on a pay-per-sale basis. They are fairly selective about who they allow to join, but if you can get accepted, it is well worth it.
ClixGalore is a great affiliate network, especially for newly developed web sites. They accept pretty much all sites as affiliates and offer a huge selection of affiliate programs to choose from. They are reliable and their offers tend to convert fairly well.
Commission Junction
Commission Junction has been one of the biggest and best affiliate networks for quite some time. They offer a ton of different individual affiliate programs to join and run many of the biggest affiliate programs out there (eBay,, Etc.). All of their offers are on a pay-per-sale/pay-per-lead basis and generally convert well. It is pretty easy to get accepted as a member.
LinkShare is one of the oldest and most dependable affiliate networks out there. They offer affiliate programs like Dell,, and many other of the biggest and best programs. They always pay on time and offer very fair commission rates. It is pretty easy to be accepted as an affiliate, but they tend to accept only older, more established web sites.
FastClick is one of the few affiliate networks that pay on a per impression basis. This means that you are getting paid for every user that visits your site. They offer fair rates and are a highly profitable network. They generally only accept high traffic sites so it is not recommended for new sites. If you get in though, it is a great program!
Still confused about which affiliate program to join or how they actually work? offers affiliate program and network reviews, a discussion board, affiliate related articles, and basic information about using affiliate programs.
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