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Online Code Generators - Java Script Creators

The builders of have worked hard to offer you some great online code generators that create code that will add great functions to your site! Use the following code generators to create easy to cut and paste html and javascript!

Meta Tag Generator
Meta tags are key to any website's marketing success! Use this free online tool to generate easy to cut and paste html for your site!
Bookmark Site Link
Keep your customers coming back! Use this easy online form to generate easy to cut and paste html for your site that will create a 'Bookmark Site Link'.
Set as Homepage Link
Let your site visitors visit your site each time they open their browser! Use this form to create cut and paste ready html that generates a 'Set As Homepage Link'

Hidden URL Link

Keep people from seeing or taking your affiliate ID's! Use this form to generate custom javascript that will hide the URL of links and instead display text of your choice!

Previous Page Link

Tired of manually creating all those 'back' buttons? Use this easy online form to generate automatic 'back' or 'previous page' links for your site!

Close Window Link

Use a lot of pop-up windows on your site? Make your site visitors' lives a little easier by giving them a 'close window' button. Easy online form that generates custom javascript!

Pop-up Window Maker
Quickly and easily generate pop-up windows for your site. Easy online form generates custom javascript quickly and easily!

Color Scrollbar

Seen all those cool funky colored scrollbars on other people's sites and wonder how they do it? Use this online form to generate cut and paste ready javascript that will do it for you!

Pop-up Message

Need to send your site's visitors a message? Use this form to generate a pop-up message that displays a message of your choice!
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